Tulin Seckin Agencies Ltd

Good bye...

Tulin Seckin Agencies had been in the fashion scene for over 2 decades building a reputation in the industry for representing some of the most desirable brands in the footwear and handbag market for men and women.  Our showroom served our customers with brands from New York, Portugal & Denmark.      

Throughout these years we built an excellent customer base in Canada, which we worked one on one to maximize sales and product placement.  We took pride in our customer service excellence and had striven to build our brands in partnership with our buyers and retailers for shared success.  

As of end of July 2019 Tulin Seckin Agencies closed the business.  We considered you as our business partners and we take this opportunity to thank you for working with us.  Your business with us had been very invaluable.  We wish all the best to all of you.